This privacy policy's aim is to be as transparent as possible about what this application will do with the information on your phone when used (either directly on indirectly) and the data stored with the Picasa services that the application will be interacting with.

Effective as of 12th April 2016

Personal Data On Your Phone

This application will use the contents of zero or more folders that have been optionally elected by the user to display as a lockscreen and/or desktop wallpaper. A copy of the photo may be created and stored locally, which will then possibly be modified before being set as the lockscreen and/or desktop wallpaper. The original photos will remain untouched.

Geopositioning Of The User

This application will not track the users location directly.


This application will monetize via the inclusion of advertisements. By using the application, you agree to any data that may be provided to the advertisement suppliers, which may include the tracking of your uses across applications.

Astronomy Picture Of The Day

By using this application, and optionally electing to use the source of "Astronomy Picture Of The Day", you agree to their privacy policy. For more information on their privacy policy, visit their website.