Pix Casa doesn't seem to be backing up my pictures. Is the application broken?

By default, Pix Casa won't backup your pictures. We respect your privacy, and believe it should be up to you to turn it on. You can do so either by swiping to the "Backup" page in the main application and flicking the switch, or to give you further configurability, you can go to the "Backup" page within the settings menu.

If once turned on the application still doesn't seem to be backing up your photos, it could be for a number of reasons:

What photos does Pix Casa backup automatically?

If configured to do so, Pix Casa will backup all photos located in the phone's camera roll that of one of the following types:

How often does Pix Casa back up my pictures?

Pix Casa will aim to backup one picture roughly every hour. This backup process is dependent on a number of variables including data restrictions that you may have imposed (e.g. only on WiFi) and the nature of how Windows Phone executes background services.

In addition, Pix Casa will attempt to backup as many photos as possible within a 10 minute period when your phone meets all of the following requirements:

I don't want my backed up photos to count towards my allowance. Can Pix Casa help with this?

Yes it can! Within the settings of the application, you can configure the target size that photos are backed up as. These are:

Target sizes have been selected based on recommendations laid out by Picasa.

I have a phone that takes high resolution images (e.g. Nokia Lumia 1020). Does your application backup these images?

Unfortunately, high resolution images are not available to third party applications unless the application takes the photo. Therefore, Pix Casa will not backup your high resolution photos. It will however, backup the lower resolution images, which are still very good for prints, sharing online, etc.

I've just installed/re-installed the application and I want it to ignore all current photos. How do I achieve this?

This can be easily achieved via the following steps:

All current pictures in your camera roll will now not be backed up and all future pictures will be.

I can't seem to see my albums within Pix Casa. Am I doing something wrong?

This application has been designed to provide facilities for interacting with Picasa by "extending" the Windows Phone operating system. This means that to view your albums, you're expected to go through the native photos hub, where all of your Picasa albums are available.

I'm trying to share an image from another app, but Pix Casa isn't available in the list. Is something broken?

You will only be able to share images to Pix Casa if the target image is a type that is supported by Picasa. The supported types are:

It also might be that the application hasn't been updated to support the in-built sharing mechanism for Windows Phone, which is what Pix Casa uses.

Do you offer an "ad-free" version?

At the present time, an "ad-free" version is not available. An option is being considered for a future release.

Are videos supported?

At the present time, videos are neither backed up nor viewable via the photo hub.

Can I see the photos of my Picasa contacts?

At the present time, this feature isn't available.