Below are a collection of projects that I have released and any reviews and awards that they may have received.
Amazon echo using bus timetable skill

Bus Timetable

Alexa is still learning. One thing she doesn't know is local bus times. Bus Timetable hopes to fill this gap with help from Google. All you have to do is ask the skill for the next bus to a given location and Alexa will tell you. You can even ask her when you want to depart and how many routes you're interested in. Enable it, and give it a try today!

Enable The Skill

" Alexa bus skill that works"

User review on Amazon by James McDermott

Point Companion

Point is an IoT sensor, backed originally on Kickstarter. The sensor supports the monitoring of temperature, sound and humidity without compromising on security and privacy to the end user.

Point Companion is a Windows 10 app which supports viewing and configuring these sensors via their open API. It supports receiving notifications from your point devices when things happen.

Download The App

Point companion app on Windows devices
My Daily Wallpaper app on Windows devices

My Daily Wallpaper

Tired of the same wallpaper or lockscreen? Want something different every day of the week? My Daily Wallpaper brings you a different wallpaper every day which can be set as your lockscreen and/or desktop/mobile background. Choose from a variety of sources including Bing Image of the Day, Astronomy Picture of the Day and XKCD - with more being added in the future. My Daily Wallpaper allows you to see wallpapers from over the last 7 days, which you can view more information about, save locally or share with the world

Download The App

"The simple design makes the app user-friendly and an easy way to avoid having your wallpapers growing stale"

Windows Central on My Daily Wallpaper

Pix Casa

Pix Casa was an unofficial Picasa app for Windows devices. Originally launching on Windows Phone 8, the app was later re-written for Windows 10 devices using UWP.

The app supported viewing your photos from the Picasa service as well as the ability to download them and automatically backup photos taken on the device via the camera.

The App Is No Longer Available

Pix Casa app on Windows devices

"Pix Casa has really stepped up to fill the need, offering a well-designed, feature-rich Picasa interface"

Windows Central on Pix Casa